Exam Accommodation Procedures

Providing Exam Accommodations

Students with disabilities may require accommodations to ensure they have equal access to the examination process. The Student Access Center works with faculty to provide accommodations to students who qualify for testing accommodations. Faculty may choose to provide accommodations on exams themselves, or to collaborate with the Student Access Center to administer accommodated exams in the SAC Testing Center. Students are responsible for discussing accommodations with instructors and finding out their preference regarding exam accommodations.

  • Students seeking accommodations must complete two steps to initiate the test request process:
    • Request accommodations in each class via Access Online; and discuss the implementation of those accommodations with their instructor. If the instructor directs the student to set up the exam with the SAC, student will need to make a request with the Testing Center
    • Submit exams requests via the Access Online portal with at least five days’ notice.* If a student fails to provide our office with proper notice of an exam, we cannot guarantee a seat in our Testing Center.
    • *Requests for final exams must be scheduled 12 business days before the last day of classes, and all exam conflicts must be worked out by then. Please double check your syllabus and the university final exam schedule.
  • Two to three business days before the exam, you will receive a confirmation email from the Student Access Center; confirming the date, time, and location of your exam.
  • Late exam request policy:  
    • After three (3) late exam requests, students must meet with their Access Specialist to schedule all remaining exams for the semester. 
    • After five (5) late exam requests, all future late requests will be denied until the student meets with their Access Specialist. 
  • It is important to remember that SAC policy is that exams given in the Testing Center are administered on the same day, at the same time as the exam is given in class. If there is a conflict, students must obtain permission from their instructor to reschedule an exam. It is the responsibility of the Student, not the SAC, to contact the instructor regarding conflicts.
  • Students are expected to follow all SAC Testing Center rules and proctor directions during exams.
  • Any instance of academic misconduct will be reported to the instructor.
  • Students review and sign a copy of the Testing Contract each semester in Access Online, and a copy can also be found below.


Student Access Center (SAC)

Note: This testing contract applies only to exams taking place on the Lawrence campus in the SAC Testing Center. For any other exams taking place in-person on another campus please contact your Access Specialist if you do not know the appropriate test procedures. 

I understand that I will receive testing accommodations through the Student Access Center (SAC) only after completing the online test request form and adhering to the following steps: 


As a student, it is your responsibility to arrange a meeting with the instructor to discuss your accommodations. During this meeting, you need to find out how your instructor would like to handle your testing accommodations. Your instructor may want to provide the testing accommodations and you will not submit a test request online for testing in the SAC Testing Center. 


Complete an online test request form ONLY IF your instructor prefers you go through the SAC for testing. 

  • FIVE (5) days PRIOR to the requested date for all non-final tests and quizzes. 
  • TWELVE (12) working days PRIOR to the LAST DAY of classes for final exams. 

PLEASE NOTE: The date of the exam and weekends DO NOT COUNT when calculating working days.


a. After THREE (3) late exam requests, students must meet with their Access Specialist to schedule all remaining exams for the semester. 

b. After FIVE (5) late exam requests, all future late requests will be denied until the student meets with their Access Specialist. 


The SAC Testing Center will provide accommodations for exams, during SAC business hours, which are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Instructors will provide evening proctoring for their exams. 


Exams that fall within SAC business hours will be administered at the designated class time unless an alternate time is authorized by the instructor. If the exam falls outside of SAC Testing Center business hours, an alternate time should be determined with the instructor. Determining alternative testing times with the instructor is the responsibility of the student. If you need help talking with your instructor, please contact your Access Specialist or Testing Center staff. 

PLEASE NOTE: The SAC will adhere strictly to designated start times and time limits. 


If for any reason you will not be taking a scheduled exam through the SAC (including withdrawing from a course), you must cancel your appointment via Access Online. If you need help with this, contact the SAC office at 785-864-4064 or email us here.   


You are expected to abide by the rules posted in the SAC Testing Center (such as no cell phone use). Any instance of academic misconduct as defined by University Senate Rules and Regulations Article II, Section 6 will be reported to your instructor and can lead to expulsion from the University. 


  • Cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices, not specific to disability accommodations, are not permitted in the center. 
  • Do not enter the Testing Center until 5 minutes before your test and please study in the hall, not the Testing Center.  
  • Speak in whispers and only when absolutely necessary. 
  • Put coats, purses, and backpacks at the front of the room in the designated space.  
  • Please pay attention to the clocks in the Testing Center to keep track of your time. If you don’t remember your end time from your confirmation email you may ask a proctor. 
  • Know if you need a blue book and bring one to your exam. The Testing Center does not have blue books for use. 
  • In general, please be sensitive to others around you! 

**Testing Center rules are subject to change depending on COVID-19 guidelines and regulations set by the University.**