Providing Exam Accommodations

Individual faculty and staff have a legal responsibility to make sure that each course or activity is accessible. The administration of examinations is the responsibility of the faculty and course instructors. Students with disabilities may require accommodations to ensure they have equal access to the examination process. Faculty may choose to provide accommodations on exams themselves, or to collaborate with the Student Access Center to administer accommodated exams in the SAC Testing Center.

Accommodation Info

  • Students seeking accommodations must complete two steps to initiate the test request process:

    • Request accommodations in each class via Access Online, and discuss the implementation of those accommodations with their instructor. If the instructor directs the student to set up the exam with the Student Access Center (SAC), student will need to make that request.
    • Submit exams requests via the Access Online portal with at least three business days’ notice.* Once they have done so, the instructor will be contacted by the SAC. If a student fails to provide our office with proper notice of an exam, we cannot guarantee a seat in our Testing Center.
  • Instructors must submit a Testing Preferences and Instructions Form to the SAC before we can administer an exam on their behalf. Send email to Request the Testing Preferences and Instruction Form, communicates to SAC the following information:
    • Instructions for and format of the exam and approved aids (calculator, dictionary, notes, etc.)
    • How the proctor can contact the instructor with a student question during the exam
    • Departmental office location for exam delivery
  • Two to three business days before the exam, you will receive a confirmation via email from the SAC Testing Center, requesting that you provide a copy of the exam (and any supporting materials, such as tables, charts, formulas sheets, etc.). These can be emailed to or dropped off in our main office in Room 22 Strong Hall. Exams should NEVER be sent via campus mail. 

* Accommodations for final exams must be scheduled by ten business days before the last day of classes, and all exam conflicts must be worked out by then. Please double-check the KU final exam schedule before posting the date and time, as incorrect information can cause major problems in scheduling accommodations for final exams.  

  • Students will be supervised by SAC Staff. Faculty-provided instructions will be closely adhered to and time limits strictly enforced.
  • It is the instructor’s responsibility to communicate to the SAC any changes or corrections made to the exam after the beginning of the regularly scheduled exam.
  • Faculty are always welcome to visit the Testing Center to check in with students or deliver additional information during exams, but should be aware that other exams may be in progress during that time.
  • Instructors may collect completed exams from our main office in Room 22 Strong Hall after they are complete or SAC staff will scan and return you exam electronically. SAC can also arrange delivery to departmental offices. A signature is required upon delivery of all exams.
  • All exams that are completed before noon will be delivered by the end of the same business day. Exams completed after noon will be returned by noon the following business day.
  • We DO NOT deliver exams via campus or federal mail. If you have questions about alternative methods of delivery, please contact the Testing Coordinator at
  • Exams will always be scheduled for the same time they are administered to the class, except when extended time creates a conflict with another KU course, or when the instructor has given explicit permission for another start time.
  • All regular semester quizzes and exams administered in the SAC Testing Center between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. 
  • Final exams given during final exam week are administered 7:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on Friday.
  • The SAC coordinates some online exams directly with the Center for Online and Distance Learning. For questions about whether CODL will be handling your exam accommodations, contact
  • Missed exams can be rescheduled with the SAC only if instructor has granted permission to reschedule the exam and provided a deadline for rescheduling the exam