Implementing Academic Accommodations


The Student Access Center (SAC) facilitates appropriate academic accommodations and auxiliary aids and services that are necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in the University’s programs and activities. Specifically, students must provide written documentation from a qualified professional on the nature and impact of the disability. The student and the SAC will then engage in an interactive process to determine what, if any, accommodations are appropriate based on the student’s disability and individual needs.

Student Responsibilities

Students must meet with an assigned SAC Access Specialist to do the following:

  • Complete an intake appointment.
  • Complete accommodations request via Access Online for each class in which accommodations are needed and submit to their instructors.

Students must then reach out to instructors to discuss accommodations. Students are not obligated to self-disclose the nature of a disability to faculty members or instructors.

  • Meet with each instructor to review the accommodation request.
  • Discuss implementing accommodations with each instructor (e.g., when extra time for exams will be given, where to take exams, conflicts with back-to-back classes, alternative start times, and note-taking).
  • Address any concerns about accommodations promptly with the instructor and SAC Access Specialist.

Each semester, students are required to log into Access Online and submit their accommodation requests as classes and faculty change from semester to semester.

Faculty/Instructor Responsibilities

  • Discuss implementation of accommodations with each student.
  • Assist in locating note taker if necessary.
  • If choosing to use the SAC Testing Center, comply with SAC policies and procedures regarding the administration of tests in the SAC Testing Center.
  • Consult with SAC professional staff if questions arise concerning the approved accommodations.
  • Faculty/instructors are not exempt from following SAC policies and the SAC cannot implement separate practices for individual faculty/instructors.

Student Access Center Staff Responsibilities

  • Meet with each eligible student requesting accommodations and determine appropriate accommodations based on documented need.
  • Demonstrate to the student how to request accommodations and request that students meet with each instructor to discuss their accommodation letter.
  • Advocate with faculty/instructional staff to have accommodations implemented as denoted on the SAC faculty notification letter.
  • Contact the Department Chair if student indicates difficulty in the implementation of accommodations and a solution cannot be arrived at with the faculty member. The next step will be the Assistant Dean and then the Dean of the College.
  • It is preferred that academic accommodations be requested at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes or two weeks from the implementation of the approved accommodations to give the SAC time to complete the processes necessary to support the accommodations.