Getting Started: Student Accommodation Process

The instructions below are for students NEW to the accommodations process and who are needing to register with the Student Access Center (SAC). If you have already registered with our office and need directions on how to notify your professors using Access Online, please see the Access Online video.

Access Online video

1. Visit Access Online to register with the SAC. Use the red button that says NEW SAC STUDENTS. After applying, you will receive a link via email that allows you to submit disability documentation to the SAC per the Disability Documentation Guidelines. Scan and upload your documentation for review. The front desk staff in Strong 22 can help if you require assistance in scanning and uploading your documentation or if you have any other questions regarding the application process, please call 785-864-4064

2. Your documentation will be reviewed, usually within 5-7 business days. Upon review, an Access Specialist will contact you via email to help schedule your first appointment.

3. During your intake appointment, approved accommodations will be determined with your Access Specialist. Your Access Specialist will then guide you through the process of how to notify your instructors about your accommodations.

4. Students are then responsible for requesting accommodations each semester via Access Online and then contacting their instructors to discuss implementing their accommodations.