Recruiting a Note-Taker

Students approved to receive class notes are registered with the Student Access Center (SAC) and require an in-class note-taker due to the functional limitations created by their disability. In-class refers to any live lecture content whether delivered in-person or online.

Notes may be provided in the form of your own lecture notes/slides that you provide to all class members either prior to or after each lecture; notes taken by a GTA/UGTA as part of their role; or through a volunteer peer note-taker.

You may wish to download a script (pdf) to read in your course for the purpose of recruiting a peer note-taker. If your course is asynchronous we recommended using email or Blackboard’s messaging feature for recruiting a note-taker.

Note-taker packets (pdf) for recruited student note-takers are also available for download.

If you are having difficulty identifying a volunteer in your course please contact the SAC at or 785-864-4064. for assistance.