Note-Taking Accommodations

Students may be approved for a note-taking accommodation if their ability to accurately take their own notes is impacted by their disability in courses where note-taking is necessary for success.

Note-taking accommodations are generally limited to lectures, discussions, and labs presented in real-time though exceptions may be made.

Students must be present in a class meeting in order to qualify to receive a copy of notes for that class

Instructors may provide notes to students with this accommodation via the following methods:

  • Providing a copy of class notes produced by the instructor prior to class.
  • Having a teaching assistant provide notes that they take during class sessions.
  • Recruiting a class member to provide notes as a volunteer.

If an instructor provides detailed notes or copies of power point slides to the class, this may reduce the need for note-taking accommodations.

Students who need assistance with requesting notes from an instructor should contact their access specialist.